TJCS - 07-24-17

July 24, 2017

Joe discusses what he did over the weekend, Dave from Virginia calls in and tells Joe about his recent Chinese massage parlor experience, Charity from Nigeria calls in the show for the first time, and more!


TJCS - 07-21-17

July 21, 2017

Joe discusses whether President Trump is losing his mind or is outsmarting us all. New guest actor/comedian Christian Frazier comes on the show to discuss life as an actor and his recurring co-star role in FOX's 'Gotham.' And HBO is coming out with a new show, 'Confederate' that will definitely get a lot of people mad!


TJCS - 07-20-17

July 20, 2017

Joe discusses OJ Simpson's release from jail, Would you be ok with OJ being your neighbor, Nikki Pags attempts to win the $300 in 'Name that 70/80's Theme Song' game, Do you think prostitution is a real job in Nevada, and more!


TJCS - 07-19-17

July 19, 2017

Joe discusses President Trump's campaign promises and whether they are being fulfilled, Obamacare.. does it need to be replaced and why, Musician R Kelly is allegedly holding young women hostage at his mansion, and more!


TJCS - 07-18-17

July 18, 2017

Joe discusses how older men have to decide whether to jerk-off or save their juice to have sex with their wife. Don Jr and the Russian investigation - is he guilty? Also, the US Navy has a new weapon that is a definite game changer, and more!


TJCS - 07-17-17

July 17, 2017

Joe and Robbie Fresh chop it up about Joe's vacation and anything and everything else along the way.


TJCS - 07-07-17

July 7, 2017

Joe discusses sleeping in the same bed as your partner and would you rather sleep alone? Joe brings back Tina from New Jersey who explains how she was attacked by an autistic person, 50 Cent disses JAY-Z's new album calling it 'golf course music' and more!


TJCS - 07-06-17

July 6, 2017

Joe discusses how staying in a toxic relationship or continuing to work at a job you hate will ultimately lead to unhappiness, How fear can ruin people's dreams, Why didn't Obama do anything when he knew about the Russia hacking, President Trump calls out Russia, and more!


TJCS - 07-05-17

July 5, 2017

Joe discusses President Trump's victory versus the media, North Korea fires a ballistic missile capable of reaching the US, Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin, A teacher is arrested for sexually abusing children while infected with HIV, and more!


TJCS - 07-03-17

July 3, 2017

Joe interviews Crazy Robert for his 50th Birthday.