TJCS - 01-17-17

January 17, 2017

Joe brings on the show new guest, Jenn from Colorado, who talks about how great it is to smoke legally, how she masturbates, and what it takes for her to lick a mans (blank), Eddro calls in with new OJ evidence, The real reason why Crazy Robert lost his voice, and more!


TJCS - 01-13-17

January 13, 2017

Joe brings on new guest QUEEN, an exotic dancer on Long Island, who talks about how she started, how much money she makes a night, and shares some crazy stories, Rapper KYRO from San Diego comes on and freestyles, and more!


TJCS - 01-12-17

January 12, 2017

Joe has a surprise guest come on the show who discusses her favorite sexual positions, the type of men she likes, and asks Joe to help her resolve a huge dilemma, Trump attacks CNN and BuzzFeed about Fake News, and more!


TJCS - 01-11-17

January 11, 2017

Joe discusses what is better: being paralyzed or having HIV, Trump and how he didn't allow CNN reporters to ask any questions, Russia, Rich from Ohio calls in to tell us how he likes to get tied up and choked, Curtis from Missouri calls in complaining about his girl, and more!


TJCS - 01-10-17

January 10, 2017

Joe discusses whether Amazon's Alexa or Apple's SIRI are ok to have since they record your conversations, Joe answers a question from a fan on whether the fan is gay or has gay tendencies, Matt from Massachusets calls in, Joey the Cop gets scolded and more!




TJCS - 01-09-17

January 9, 2017

Joe discusses whether it was appropriate for Meryl Streep to rip Donald Trump last night at the Golden Globes, North Korea tells DT to shove it, Joe takes some birthday calls and more!


TJCS - 01-06-17

January 6, 2017

Joe discusses how Four Chicago Black Teens kidnapped and tortured a white disabled man, Pot smokers are worried about Attorney General-Elect Jeff Sessions, Uncle Al calls in, and more!


TJCS - 01-05-17

January 5, 2017

Joe explains how he met Sandy the Car Wash Guy, Sloane from New Mexico calls in to explain his rash and how he heard of TJCS, Adopted Martinez comes on the show from Michigan, and more!


TJCS - 01-04-17

January 4, 2017

Joe has a new guest call into the show.. 'Sandy from the Car Wash' who says he gets off by taking a dump in a girls mouth, Sloane from New Mexico calls in to talk about a bad rash he has, Ronnie Gunz, Joey the Cop and more!


TJCS - 01-03-17

January 3, 2017

Joe discusses what he did on New Years, The Y2K scare and how 17-years have already passed, How is Trump going to handle North Korea.. are we going to war, and more!