TJCS - 04-13-17

April 13, 2017

Joe brings on new guest BIANCA from Boston, who tells Joe that she likes it dirty and loves having a Heineken bottle up her caboose, Joe also talks to Meshach from Texas, who believes he's the next Jay-Z or Tupac, and more!


TJCS - 04-12-17

April 12, 2017

Joe gives Robbie Fresh a call and they chop it up about: President Trump, US relations with Russia, United Airlines incident, North Korea, How Robbie Fresh expects women to behave in relationships, and more!


TJCS - 04-11-17

April 11, 2017

Joe discusses the United Airlines incident, Do you think the airline was wrong, Joe discusses what would be worse, having your cock chopped off or your non-throwing arm, and more!


TJCS - 04-10-17

April 10, 2017

Joe discusses another 'costly' mistake he made over the weekend, Do people get nervous about having an ugly baby before it's born, Russia and WWIII, Phil from Long Island comes on the show and discusses what it's like needing a kidney transplant, and more!


TjCS - 04-07-17

April 7, 2017

Joe discusses President Trump's decision to attack Syria and the possible ramifications it may have with Russia.


TJCS - 04-06-17

April 6, 2017

Joe discusses why he thinks the US will be at war sooner than later, How should the US respond to the crisis in Syria, The annoying new FB Posts people are making, and more!


TJCS - 04-05-17

April 5, 2017

Joe talks about taking a DNA test to uncover his ethnic mix and whether he could handle knowing certain things, Fox News Star Bill O'Reilly is taking a lot of heat in the press, Rich from Long Island calls in with a story to tell, and more!


TJCS - 04-03-17

April 3, 2017

Joe interviews Rob Arnold from New York. Rob is a former radio show host and is currently doing work with stand-up comedian Jackie Mason. Joe also brings on the show Britteny from Washington DC. Britteny thinks she has what it takes to be a model. Joe also brings back Uncle Al to talk some baseball and Opening Day!


TJCS - 03-31-17

March 31, 2017

Joe, Crazy Robert and Big Daddy Cassidy celebrate Eddro's birthday in studio!


TJCS - 03-30-17

March 30, 2017

Joe interviews Drew from Long Island. Drew talks about banging chicks up at SUNY Cortland, Tinder, and paternity tests. Crazy Robert gets a big surprise, and Ptar from Bay Shore, NY tells us why the ladies love him, and more!