TJCS - 06-05-17

June 5, 2017

Joe discusses the London Bridge attack, Should Democrats start backing President Trump more on terrorism, Comedian Bill Maher faces backlash for racial slur on his HBO show, Racist James update, and more!


TJCS - 06-02-17

June 2, 2017

Joe interviews Mooka, an up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn, NY. Mooka gets personal and talks about how his life influences his writing, Joe brings back Gay Elija who tells us what's really going on in Central Park, Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement, and more! 


TJCS - 06-01-17

June 1, 2017

Joe interviews Heather from New Jersey, who is an artist and illustrator. Heather talks about everything from how she became a painter to how she was having one-nights with guys in their 20s. Joe also interviews Serafina who is a professional belly-dancer in NYC. Also, find out if there is a new winner for the $400 prize playing 'Name that Tune'!


TJCS - 05-31-17

May 31, 2017

Joe discusses the Jared Kushner investigation and whether he was wrong in his attempts to backchannel with Vladimir Putin, Kathy Griffin makes a fool out of herself, Joe takes new callers in attempts to win the $400 in 'Name that Tune' and more!


TJCS - 05-30-17

May 30, 2017

Joe discusses what he did for Memorial Day Weekend, Interviews Johnnie Jackson, a stand-up comedian from NYC, Find out if Ronnie Gunz or Dave from Virginia win the $400 grand prize in 'Name that Tune' and more!


TJCS - 05-25-17

May 25, 2017

Joe discusses what kind of effect the Manchester Bombing will have on future concerts/events, Dirty Dan comes on the show and talks about his new squeeze and then attempts to win $300 playing the 'Name that Tune' contest, and more!


TJCS - 05-24-17

May 24, 2017

Joe interviews Soheyla, a fashion model and entrepreneur from NYC. Soheyla discusses what she wants from a man, how she makes money while she sleeps, and how she gets wet by just walking around her apartment!


TJCS - 05-23-17

May 23, 2017

Joe discusses the terrorist attack in England, Former CIA Directors comments about President Trump sharing classified information with the Russians, and more!



TJCS - 05-22-17

May 22, 2017

Joe discusses President Trump's visit to Saudia Arabia, Trump still has a major storm brewing in the US, How the LGBT community is rising fast, New callers attempt to win the $300 game prize, and more!


TJCS - 05-19-17

May 19, 2017

Joe breaks down the beauty of all the things that Craigslist has to offer, Fans from across the country call in trying to win $300 by playing the 'TV Sitcom Theme Song' contest, President Trump was at his best yesterday, and more!